Junior Choir

The Junior Choir at St Mary’s is certainly an experience!

Children from Primary 2 and upwards are welcome to join us on a Friday night from 6.15 – 7.15 pm to learn new songs, have fun and make new friends. We even supply a drink of juice to soothe those vocal chords and to cool everyone down because we are not a “stand still” choir - we have moves!

image.pngJuniorChoir Dec19

Our practices do lead to performing for various groups within and outwith the church. We sing at ‘special’ times in the church too such as Harvest, Christmas, Spring and Summer services. Pudsey Bear also benefits from the generosity of our children (and parents) at Children in Need time.

Our Friday practices are a busy, happy time, full of energy and enthusiasm. Why not join us?

If your child is interested in joining, contact the Church or come along to the hall on a Friday night. 

Junior Choir Calendar

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