At the 112th Battalion Annual Review on Friday 4th May it was announced that our BB Company, 13th Motherwell, had won the competitions for Senior Football, Swimming and Athletics and been runners up in the First Aid, Restricted Drill, Physical Challenge and Quiz competitions. When the results from all competitions were combined the company were the Runners Up in the Battalion Flag Championship, one point behind the winners from 20th Motherwell Company at North Motherwell Parish Church.  

The Company had 3 boys presented with President’s Badges and 7 with Queen’s Badges, the highest awards in the Boys’ Brigade.

With this year being the Year of the Young Person the Battalion had introduced special awards and 4 of our boys received these awards in recognition of their achievements.

Also at the Review the Junior Section of the Company were announced as winners of their General Knowledge, Bible Knowledge, Football and Marching competitions – this meant that they had the best overall performance and were awarded the Walker Memorial Rose Bowl.

Captain Stewart Maxwell and the officers of all sections would like me to convey their thanks to all the boys, parents and friends in the congregation for their support during the session.

The Runners Up Cup, Rose Bowl and some of the trophies are on display in the lounge.

Pictured below are the boys from 13th receiving their awards:

- President Badge recipients: Adam Blair, James Macintosh and Scott Rankin

- Year of Young Person award recipients: Calum Warnock, Sam Bowes, Cameron Gunn and Charlie Fleck

- King George VI certificate: Gavin McLaughlan

- Queen's Badge recipients: Scott Clark, Greg Friel, Tom Percy, Calum Shaw, Craig Shaw and Calum Stockman

- Junior Section competitions: General Knowledge - accepted by Charlie Fleck; Bible Knowledge - accepted by Alex Maxwell; Football - accepted by Ethan Phillips; Marching - accepted by Gregor Johnston; Walker Memorial Rose Bowl - accepted by Finlay Bradshaw

- Company Section competitions: Swimming - accepted by Ryan Anderson; Senior Football - accepted by Tom Percy; Athletics - Scott Rankin; Runners Up Cup - accepted by Greig Friel.