Our Summer Club was a wonderful week of activities with the theme of 'Comic and Cartoon Capers'.  

On Monday we were excited to welcome over 100 children and over 30 teenage and adult helpers.   Our teams were introduced:  the ‘Beano’ team was led by Hazel Graham and included the oldest of our children.  The younger ‘Dandy’ team was led by Jennifer Bradshaw and Joanne Morrison. We were lucky to have plenty of teenage and adult helpers wearing the bright, yellow T-shirts. We were hoping for a week of dry weather for the sports in the park led by Des Bradshaw and Stuart Davies. We knew already that we had a fantastic and fun-filled week ahead of us.    

Monday’s theme was Oor Wullie and we were excited to meet the real Oor Wullie who visited us and took part in all of our activities, including designing masks, making models of Oor Wullie on his bucket, playing football, pool and table tennis, creating big art and dancing to ‘Baby Shark’.  By lunchtime Oor Wullie was completely puggled! Bryce told us that sometimes Oor Wullie can be naughty and mischievous and he spoke to us about always trying to do the right thing.  We were all delighted to receive a gift of an Oor Wullie annual donated by the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity. Our week was off to a wonderful start!

Tuesday’s theme was Toy Story and we made lots of characters from the films including ‘Slinky Dog’, ‘Forky’ and the ‘Alien’. We learned about being a good friend and sang along to ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’.   Bryce spoke to us about friendship and reminded us that Jesus is our friend. Lots of our big art displays which we displayed around the church were based on Toy Story and the children really enjoyed creating these with the help of Sarah Reilly.

On Wednesday our focus was Spongebob Squarepants, a strange and comic sea creature and again we were able to sing along to the theme song!  We made our own Spongebobs out of big yellow sponges, created bright orange squid models and much to the delight of the craft ladies, starfishes made out of glue, Rice Krispies and lots and lots of glitter! The clearing up from this craft took longer than the craft itself! We thought about God’s love today and Bryce helped us to understand that we should soak up God’s love like a sponge.

Our theme for Thursday was Lego Movie and we focussed on teamwork as the animated film tells us that ‘Everything is awesome when you’re part of a team’.  We made Lego masks, designed our own Lego character costumes and created Lego friendship bracelets - an annual favourite with all of us and all of the helpers too! Our oldest children took part in team building tasks and the youngest children enjoyed playing piles and piles of Lego - which was the quietest half hour of the whole week!  We have been lucky with weather this year which has meant that the older children have been in the Duchess Park every morning for sports.  

It's been another fantastic, successful week.  Thanks to everyone who came along and especially to all of our leaders and helpers.  We are already excited about Summer Club 2020!